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If you have any questions about DNA paternity testing or any of our other available services, please contact us.

Paternity testing situations are unique and require individual attention and privacy. Our private paternity test is both convenient and confidential. With this test, you are able to collect the samples in the privacy of your own home, at a time that works best for you. You will not have to make an appointment, drive to a laboratory or clinic, or pay additional sample collection fees.

Prophase Genetics is a comprehensive DNA paternity testing company, and our laboratory PhDs and technicians are experts in DNA testing, with degrees in Molecular Biology and/or Genetics. Our DNA testing laboratory provides results with a 99.999% probability of paternity.

Why choose Prophase Genetics?

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You can simply collect a DNA sample by using a swab to rub the inside of your cheek.


Each DNA paternity test is run twice by independent teams in the laboratory.


A formal paternity test report contains detailed information about the DNA analyzed to produce the paternity result.

If you are ready to perform a private paternity test, you can complete our secure online order form.

You can also contact a client service representative at 1-800-DNA-1840. Our representatives are able to answer any questions knowledgably and help you begin the testing process.

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